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Picture of Ben

Ben Benfold currently splits his time between developing mobile apps at Eyenapse Ltd and working at VCA Technology, an industry leader in automatic video analysis, where he is helping to develop the next generation of visual surveillance algorithms.

Before starting his current position, Ben was a member the Active Vision Group, part of the broader Robotics Resarch Group at Oxford University's Department of Engineering Science. He was a computer vision research student in the field of visual surveillance under the supervision of Dr Ian Reid until finishing his DPhil in 2011.

Before starting his DPhil Ben worked for Grandeye, a small startup company which developed innovative solid-state Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras. The software engineering position involved the development real-time embedded and PC based video processing software for the company's cameras and in particular the Halocorder - a video recording device that allows the viewer to have PTZ control when viewing recorded video.

Ben took his undergraduate degree in Computer Science in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.